: International Journal of Literature and Humanities is published twice a year in June and December. The journal is a fictitious academic journal that publishes original and international research articles that bring solutions to issues and examines scientific issues and problems in all subfields of literatures, social sciences, world cultures, languages, anthropology, and archaeology, art, art history, cultural studies, gerontology, history, philosophy, psychology and sociology. Each submitting article is evaluated by at least two referees of the field expert and the final result is reported to the authors within six months. Human: International Journal of Literature and Humanities is an internationally recognized journal. HIJLH adopts open access policy.


Editorial Board

Editor-in-Chief: Önder Çakırtaş, Bingol University

Associate Editors

Gloria Lee Mcmillan (University of Arizona)

Nelson Orringer (University of Connecticute)

Antolin C. Trinidad (Yale University)

Katrine K. Wong (University of Macao)

Kathleen Stark (University of Koblenz-Landau)

Editorial Review Board

Brian Boyd (The University of Auckland)

Robert M. Gordon (Temple University)

Mary V. Seeman (University of Toronto)

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Anemona Alb (University of Oradea)

Mary Cappelli (University of Southern California)

Silva Ibrahimi (University of Albania)

Jillian Curr (University of Western Australia)

Huseynaga Rzayev (Suleyman Demirel University)

Jonida Çunga Sela (University of Arts)

Marinescu Valentina (University of Bucharest)

Eglantina Dervishi (University of Tirana)

Margaret Lundberg (University of Washington)

Bujar Hoxha (South East European University)




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Indexing and Abstracting

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