HIJLH provides a platform for open and grounded discussion on issues related to the field of English Studies. As hosted by the Open Journal Access System (OJS), HIJLH keeps record of all the steps previous to the publication of each article and issue and guarantees confidentiality of the information recorded at all the stages leading up to the publication (or rejection) of an article and issue.

HIJLH assumes and is committed to maintaining the highest standards of publication ethics and will take all necessary measures against any publication malpractices. At the same time, HIJLH expects that all parties involved in the publication –General Editor, Editorial Board, Reviewers and Authors- will commit to the following guidelines on publication ethics against malpractice:

The General Editor of HIJLH,

  1. Will not tolerate plagiarism or unethical behavior.
  2. Is responsible for the final decision on the publication of the articles submitted to the journal.
  3. Will be guided by the reviewers’ recommendations, the policies of the Journal’s Editorial Board, the most relevant and recent research interests in the field, and any other legal requirement applicable, especially regarding copyright infringement and plagiarism.

The Editorial Board of HIJLH,

  1. Will guarantee that the policy specified in this Statement of Publication Ethics and Publication Malpractice be adequately fulfilled.
  2. Will disclose any conflicts of interest.
  3. Will keep all the information pertaining to manuscripts received and their authors confidential.

The reviewers of HIJLH,

  1. Will keep the information regarding the manuscripts submitted for review confidential.
  2. Will evaluate the manuscripts only for their intellectual content and following objective criteria, adequately specified by the Journal.
  3. Will express their evaluations in a non-contemptuous manner.
  4. Will immediately report to the General Editor any kind of similarity between the manuscript and other published papers.

The authors of HIJLH,

Will complete the Submission Preparation Checklist prior to the submission of an article, which requires, among others, that authors

  1. Guarantee that their contributions are original works which have not been published previously and are not currently being considered for publication elsewhere.
  2. Explicitly accept liability for the ethical aspects related to the subjects of their study.
  3. Sign the copyright assignment to the publisher upon acceptance.
  4. Identify all sources used in the elaboration of their manuscript.
  5. Take responsibility for obtaining permission to reproduce any illustrations, tables, etc. from other publishers and to properly acknowledge other authors’ works.
  6. State that the opinions expressed in their articles do not necessarily coincide with those of the General Editor, who will not accept liability for the contents included in the articles.


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